1 Exciting Truth You Need To Know About Creating Great Business Ideas

by littlecherubsstore Admin

Monday the 8th of July was time of devouring cakes, snapping memories and BURSTING WITH SOME SUPER AWESOME IDEAS FOR OUR BUSINESS!!!

Combining fun with business…wouldn’t you love this too?

We were at the Jane Austin Tea Room that is themed based on some of Jane’s famous pieces such as Pride and Prejudice, which by the way we LOVE that movie… we have had so many girly nights watching that over the years… hehe. After reading about the private Mr Darcy Room and Ms Elizabeth Bennett Room, I fell in love with this venue, highly recommended, I’m smiling just thinking about their super fluffy scones….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It was so much fun to get dressed up, putting on a nice dress, feeling really fancy. When we arrived we were guided into our very own private room for the three of us, with a big centred table covered in a gorgeous lavender table cloth with matching plates and tea cups. I was super happy to find out that we were in the Lavender Room cause they are one of my favourite flowers, cant say the same about mum though.. haha!!
Abbie and I started pouring each other cups of tea, trying to feel fancy; always remember, if you ever go to high tea, to stick your pinkie out (it ads to the effect :)  We were first served a 3 tiered savoury platter, featuring crusted sandwiches, mini quiches, pies and sausage rolls. This was a perfect change of environment to throw around our business ideas and visions. They say the best ideas come to you when your having fun! We got some really good plans noted down, that we are super excited to work on. 


We were also later served a three-tiered sweet platter. The first thing Abbie and I reached for was the super big scones… and they were WARM! YES! Abbie and I started shot gunning sweets, however ended up sharing a taste of each one. It was so relaxing just, nibbling and talking all while being waited on like princess! We had a blast capturing plenty of photos and enjoying the fresh setting to have a business meeting!!


Get out and have fun to create the moments that bubble those creative juices within! You will walk away with some of the most valuable visions EVER!! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our fresh new line we are currently embarking on!!

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 Written by Kellie Thomas

Creator Little Cherubs Baby Shop