All About Milk Fiber

Bubba Blue’s Milk Fibre Yarn & Cotton Baby Collection
Cot Blanket, Fitted Cot Sheet & Muslin Wrap


There's nothing that babies love more than fresh milk, and that's the reason why our luxuriously soft MILK collection by Bubba Blue is so unique.

When someone mentions milk fibre yarn, we couldn't help but vision soft textures complimented with a white-creamy delicious colour.

But wait a minute…


What is Milk Fibre Yarn?

The Milk Fibre Yarn is a new kind of material made of protein's regenerated fibres from cows milk mixed with cotton fibres to provide the necessary consistency of a skin friendly and high-quality fabric texture.   

How does Milk Fibre Yarn technology work?

Liquid milk is firstly sourced from dairy farms. The Milk then undergoes dewatering, skimming, and synthesising processes. Once it turns into spinning fluids, the product gets dissolved and purified to obtain milk fibres, using a wet spinning technique. Finally, the milk fibres get mixed with cotton to create a unique soft texture. All of this process is cruelty-free and pro-environment.

What are the Environmental & Wearing Benefits? And can these products be used in sensitive baby’s skin?

The Bubba Blue’s Milk Fibre Collection implements a human-made technology that utilizes regenerated fibres. The fibres obtained have anti-bacterial properties, containing 17 amino acids. This technology is noted as being moth and age resistant for lasting comfort. The MILK range is designed to be skin-friendly, fresh, and light-weight.

Are these products practical for parents? And what does it make this line better than others in the current Market?

Of course! All products from this line are easy-to-wash and dry quickly because of the kind of fibre.

This is an original and fresh new line developed as an attractive and cute design. It is created using unique human-technology that is environmentally friendly resulting in a skin-friendly, aesthetic & versatile product, perfect for playing, snuggling & wrapping!

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