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SHOP REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS all proceeds go to the amasiko project

Abbie & I had the privilege of meeting Pam Wood founder of the Amasiko project/partnership. 

Hearing about her work in the rural Ugandan villages was incredibly inspiring;

~ establishing a fee free school for children to attend, to help the community value the importance of education.

~'days for girls' project, which provides long lasting proper supplies for girls menstrual cycles. These girls don't have access to adequate hygiene materials so they were forced to sit on a piece of car-board housebound for the duration of their cycle.  

It is their vision that by the end of 2023, the villagers of Kasenda, a regional and remote community in Western Uganda, will have improved living conditions, access to education and opportunities to enable them to be proudly self-sufficient: socially, culturally, and economically.The Amasiko Partnership, a group of volunteers, is committed to supporting and empowering the families in Kasenda, a remote village in rural Uganda.

your support through purchasing a set of reusable grocery bags leaves an ethically sustainable footprint, bettering our environment and our world. 

Currently, 430 large families are on the brink of disaster. The Ugandan Government enforced a military lockdown as part of their Covid-19 strategy. A Presidential Decree announced that there is no allocation of funding for rural areas. 

A date for lifting these restrictions is unclear.

The need is urgent. Families have a strict nightly 12 hour “inside curfew”. They cannot leave their home/plot without permission. They live in cramped spaces, cannot tend to their crops, buy, sell or barter food. Any meagre supplies they had, are now gone.

Covid-19 may not kill our families but starvation and disease might. “Not a penny exists in the village” and crops are failing.

Will you assist in bringing some “amasiko” to this village?

all proceeds from the grocery bags will fund teachers at the fee free school to enable children to get an education & provide urgent necessary food supplies, soap, etc as well as the essential post-Covid-19 rebuild phase.

People are at the heart of every Amasiko Partnership project. 

from the Amasiko webpage and emergency appeal site see here 

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