Everything you didn't know about Amber

So everyone’s talking about Amber Beads...

The Amber is actually fossilised tree resin which is a by-product of coniferous trees hardened over the millennia. It has been long sought-after for its medicinal uses, dating back to ancient times.

Throughout the Middle Ages when epidemics swept across towns killing the inhabitants Amber was utilized as a fumigant to avoid the spread of the illness. It has been identified that men fumigating with the substance never perished from these illnesses. The use of Amber in Aromatherapy became famous during this time and has also been used in Europe as a natural antibiotic and healing agent as for centuries.

Natural Baltic Amber is high in Succinic Acid, a natural constituent of plant and animal tissues and contains as much as 8% by weight
Succinic acid has been widely used in modern medicine as it enhances immunity, helping to improve the bodies overall health. When your baby wears one, their body temperature will heat the beads, triggering the release of the oil that contains succinic acid, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream.

Succinic Acid
One of the most powerful properties of Succinic acid is its ability to relieve discomfort and irritability in teething babies. The natural substance calms the body and helps to compensate for energy loss in the body and the brain, boosting concentration and reflexes.
It is a very powerful anti-oxidant that reduces physical, emotional and mental stress, helping to stimulate the neural system recovery and enhance the immune system. It has also been shown to fight disruptions to the cardiac rhythm and maintain the efficiency of the circulatory system.

Baltic Amber is the most typical variety of Amber. It was discovered along the shores of the Baltic Sea. This type of Amber dates back 44 million years ago. It’s been calculated that these forests produced over 100,000 loads of Amber. Baltic Amber contains the majority of the species-rich fossil insect fauna found to date.

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