hey it's April let's check in

by Kellie & Abbie Thomas

hey it's April lets check in

wow its April, second month into autumn and were feeling stripped of everything including life’s simple pleasures.

but life is more than being able to go to the park, life is about the people we love and care about. Life is going to come with curve balls and challenges but through it all, all that matters is that we stay safe with those that matter most.

is it just me or when I first heard about this I thought Oh nothing too extreme, it’ll be over soon.’ Yet, here we are, practically housebound with the world crumbling around us.

it can be very easy to get caught up in a cycle of sadness, anger and laziness. There’s no point is constantly feeling on anger, and trying to blame others because that just keeps the viscous pattern going on and on. I am defiantly guilty of throwing my fair share of breakdowns, however one thing that has helped me is to focus on gratitude.

for example; I’m grateful that we live in Australia and our government is acting to protect us.

that our country is so operational that people losing jobs can be supported.

i’m grateful I have a house to be in and that I’m not homeless on the streets.

i’m grateful I have a sister and family to go through this with. 

I know it may be hard and bed all day sounds good, but we can’t give up. Keep motivated for those who need it. Your little bubs need a strong mumma to lean on.


take this time to truely grow stronger with your family and little bubs. When we get through this, it will make us enjoy life much more and appreciate the little things as simple as going to the park. Just think, special family dinners out will feel a whole lot more special. We will come out so strong ready for anything.

just wanted to check in and help keep you all inspired. Reach out and share how you're going, we all in this together xx


written by Kellie, edited by Abbie xx