just how important dad's are

by littlecherubsstore Admin

As two young girls we know from our personal experience that a good father is so important in our lives. He is shelter and stronghold. He is someone we can lean on for support, who will carry us through the struggling times, catching us when we fall and always guiding us. We know that a good father provides us with a feeling of security both physically and emotionally.

Our dad is such a ham in our household. He‚Äôs always saying those silly little jokes that we know are so bad but just can‚Äôt help but laugh at. ūüėā Whenever we‚Äôre having an argument amongst us he will always do something funny like a silly sound to lighten the mood and relieve the stress. His laugh just brings so much joy into our hearts. The weird and random noises he makes are a unique thing that we love about him, although they‚Äôre a little off putting sometimes, our house just wouldn‚Äôt be the same without them.
There are so many special and unforgettable memories we’ve made with dad like walking to the lake around the corner after school, buying a loaf of bread at the milk bar, and standing at the waters edge and feeding the ducks for what felt like hours haha.
These moments with dad are just so light-hearted, and we think that’s exactly what everyone needs in their lives, a little bit of fun and carefreeness.

We found two great articles about the importance of dads. In an article from Focus on the Family called The Significance of a Father’s Impact they look at the evidence as to whether dads really have a uniquely important impact in the lives of their children?

‚ÄúOne of the most vital aspects of a dad‚Äôs contribution to the lives of his kids lies precisely in what Dr. David Popenoe* calls his ‚Äėsignificantly different parenting style.‚Äô Men and women are different. As a result mothers and fathers parent their children differently.
Dads, for instance, love their children ‚Äúmore dangerously.‚ÄĚ That‚Äôs because they play ‚Äúrougher‚ÄĚ and are more likely to encourage risk-taking. They provide kids with a broader diversity of social experiences. They also introduce them to a wider variety of methods of dealing with life. They tend to stress rules, justice, fairness, and duty in discipline. In this way, they teach children the objectivity and consequences of right and wrong. They give kids insight into the world of men. They prepare them for the challenges of life and demonstrate by example the meaning of respect between the sexes. In connection with this last point, research indicates that a married father is substantially less likely to abuse his wife or children than men in any other category.
Fathers encourage competition, engendering independence. Mothers promote equity, creating a sense of security. Dads emphasize conceptual communication, which helps kids expand their vocabulary and intellectual capacities. Moms major in sympathy, care, and help, thus demonstrating the importance of relationships. Dads tend to see their child in relation to the rest of the world. Moms tend to see the rest of the world in relation to their child. Neither style of parenting is adequate in and of itself. Taken together, they balance each other out and equip the up-and-coming generation with a healthy, well-rounded approach to life.‚ÄĚ

Another article called Why Fathers are Important Role Models for Boys, the same point is made that fathers or positive father figures are critical for the healthy development of boys. We know as girls how important our dad is. We look to him to show us security and emotional support and show us what a good and healthy relationship is. We need our dads to lead the way in respect and enforce the rules. Growing up with a dad adds to our health and happiness.

After I (Abbie) asked dad how he felt when he first saw Kellie, he said he felt a mixture of amazement, joy, a sense of overwhelm. Excitement and anticipation also made their way in there too. He also felt a slight tinge of worry because of the minor complications of Kellie’s birth. She was a stargazer, so they had to pull her out with forceps.
An involved father promotes our inner growth and strength, shaping the people we will become, filling us with the courage and strength we need to face life.

Share the love and remember to tell the dad in your life and your Cherubs life how important they are.




-Kellie & Abbie Thomas