Mother care matters because YOU matter

“when will I ever get some time for myself”

                                                 “there is never enough time”


Sound familiar?...


The life of a mother is a blessing. I don’t where I would be without my mother. Her eternal love and support is why I’m here today.

However, as I’m sure many of you can agree, you can often find yourselves pondering on those questions above….

These are phrases I’ve been living with for 16 years!! I love you mum and even though you want the best for me, I also want the best for you and every mother xoxoxoxo

 Self-care helps to rejuvenate your body. My mum loves little projects such as re painting our whiteboard or building a tiki bar for our birthday. She always comes inside chirping excitedly, because she is having fun. Doing something for herself, that she enjoys brings out the best her.

 When you feel overwhelmed, taking out a couple of hours every now and again, to invest in something you love won’t hurt, it will only help you to rejuvenate your mothering soul.

 Motherhood can present itself like a bit of a mess sometimes, with countless bumps & bruises, tears & activities and messes & nappies to deal with each and every day. You may find yourself asking ‘when will I get that done,’ or having late realisations of things you forgot to do, as you feel to be all consumed by the constant flow of new tasks.

Providing yourself with some space for YOU, will help you to re-focus, and re-a line your priorities.

Running Little Cherubs Baby Shop can feel overwhelming at times, and I find myself constantly asking for help with freshly aroused issues. My mum, my major helper can get stressed about meeting deadlines and what to do first, but when she allows herself to take a moment for herself and re visits what needs to be done, she approaches it with a much clearer head.

 As a mother all you want to do is love your children, and as a child, all you want is to be loved. My mum devotes so much time to us and when she has had time for herself she gives even more love than she can handle; hugs, hugs hugs, HUGS!!

She doesn’t lose her temper as easily, and is far more flexible.

Your children will notice how much calmer you feel, (I certainly did,) even if they’re just a bub, they can sense it in the way you hold them.

 Time for YOU allows you to feel appreciated and reflect on life’s blessings, thus helping you to emit more of your motherly love. 

Take care of you, because to all you mothers out there; YOU ARE SO FABULOUS, and have been blessed with greatest job of all; to raise up Little Cherubs xoxo 

Kellie Thomas Creator Little Cherubs Baby Shop

Image by Nicole De Khors

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