pregnancy & infancy loss awareness

by Kellie & Abbie Thomas

October is pregnancy and infancy loss awareness month and its so important that we talk about this devastating issue that effects thousands of families.

Up to 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriages which is the death of the baby before the 20 week mark. However, it is also not that uncommon for women to miscarry without even realising they’re pregnant.

If the baby fails to develop properly inside the womb, often because of a spontaneous chromosomal abnormality, the the chances of miscarrying are increased and unfortunately this incredibly heartbreaking experience is often due to things out of anyones control such as

  • hormonal abnormalities
  • immune system and blood clotting problems
  • physical problems with your womb or cervix

 Many mothers have the emotional burden that their miscarriage was their fault, however there is no evidence to prove that things such as exercising, working or stress result in the babies death.

A different form of miscarriage is still birth; the loss of your baby after the 20 week mark. Experiencing a still birth can leave a mother with immense grief and trauma as after the birthing process, the baby shows no sign of life. This extremely traumatic event effects 6 Australian families every day.

Unfortunately there is no set cause of a still birth but the risk is increased due to factors such as congenital abnormalities, premature birthing, umbilical cord & placenta problems or family violence during pregnancy.

We need to break this wall of silence and show these women and families our support. It is a far more common issue than we think. According to Tommy’s a not for profit organisation focusing on still birth and miscarriages, 15-20% of recognised pregnancies result in a miscarriage, which is a seriously powerful number.

The emotional damage these experiences have on a women can leave divesting mental effects and self blame, pushing feelings of misplaced misery. Let's take these women’s hands, and let them no they’re not alone and it's all going to be ok.


Written by Kellie Thomas

Creator Little Cherubs Baby Shop


Image thanks to Brodie Vissers