Royal Children's 150th anniversary Garden Reception

by Alice Thomas

150 year celebration of the Royal Children’s Hospital, Government House Garden Reception 

It was a day truely for nibbling on mini quiche and fairy cakes….

Dressed in our prettiest summer wear (after spending hours throwing shirts and dresses all over the bedroom lol!) we were honoured to attend Government houses’ 150th anniversary of the Royal Children's Hospital Garden reception.

Is it just me or is always so hard to know what to wear!! The day of any event is always a wardrobe chaos. The invitation said neat causal so I thought; a nice denim overall dress (i was also thinking it be warmer cause weather was only 24,) but me being me had stuffed another bag with more clothes in case of an emergency. Driving up the driveway to enter the carpark, EVERYONE looked so pretty, so I panicked as well as of course misjudging the weather so I vey awkwardly tried to change to my outfit. Lets not mention that of course when we had pulled into our park, the instructor had to come right to the window and talk to our parents while I was trying to change tops…..

But we believe there is a PERFECT outfit for every occasion and I was glad I found it.


It was absolutely remarkable to walk into the beautiful garden grounds of  Government house, filled with white sun umbrellas, punch  tables,  and immersed amongst so many other families who had experienced similar situations to us, and who were also dedicated to showing their continued love and support for the hospital, as Abbie has been through her 6 years of annual fundraisers (Cuppa for Kids.

 Abbie and I went off exploring different areas of the gardens where we found so many beautiful photo spots so it was photoshoot spam!! Trees, walkways, water fountains and grass lands, you name it, we struck a pose!! 


Not going to lie, we did find our selves guilty of chasing after the food platters being walked around especially the cupcakes… mum couldn’t get over the beautiful macaron towers they had…

 However towards the end of the event we were honoured to get a chance to meet with Rob the Chairman of the Royal Children’s Hospital board & the Governor of Victoria herself, as we say thank you to both of them for their continued support of the hospital in different ways.


Rob the Chairman of Hospital board 

The RCH will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we will always show our support. Thank you for everything!!

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written by Kellie