things you must know about our coffee scrub...

by Kellie & Abbie Thomas

using only organic ingredients boasting with goodness, our scrub has been handmade thinking of you every step of the process....
being able enjoying a natural way to rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin with the refreshing aroma of peppermint ♡  

benefits... ♥

coffee scrub can help reduce the signs of stretch marks which is especially helpful after having your little bub. The caffeine found in the coffee scrub typically increases blood flow, hence reducing the appearance of cellulite and giving your skin a more even tone.

this scrub is all you'll ever need to feel good in the shower. time to scrub away all those fears, worries, doubts and of course DEAD SKIN!!  step out feeling fresher than ever especially after the delicious smell of peppermint fills your bathroom.

the fresh smelling scent of peppermint is designed to help invigorate all of your senses—whether you shower in the morning; to give you a little boost, or in the evening; to escape you from the stress of the day, you can be filled with the calming aroma of peppermint alongside the energising smell of nice cup a coffee!!

ingredients... ♥ 

we value the authenticity and natural rawness we pride ourselves to provide in our skin care products. There is absolutely NO NASTIES & NO CHEMICALS added to this bag of goodness. our scrub is made with only 4 simple ingredients AND all are 100% organic!!
we have worked hard to craft the perfect blend coffee grinds, coconut oil & shea butter to give a nourishing balance of exfoliation & moisture.

amongst the busy mum life it can hard to find any time to yourself and the only time you may find a little peace, is in the bathroom; going to the toilet or taking a shower (although I do remember we wouldn’t leave mum in peace even if she was peeing!! hahaha!!)

our coffee scrub is a way for you to feel good about yourself and everything your doing. glow your skin and nourish your body, because you deserve it.

tips… ♥ 

  • if you are breastfeeding make sure not to apply too closely to your breasts, as bub may not like the smell
  • when applying to your face, be careful not to go too close to the delicate areas around your eyes
  • do not let the coffee scrub absorb for too long; a max of 5 mins
  • the scrub will fall over your shower fall so it could get slippery.
    if your shower will fit a plug, put one in to let a few centimetres of water fill the bottom so that the oil from the scrub will float on top of the water, helping to reduce the slippery factor

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Kellie & Abbie ♡