world birth defect day

by Kellie & Abbie Thomas

8 million babies are born with a serous birth defect every year.

 There are hundreds of different conditions that effect every bub in a different way. Each situation unique to every family.

This is a day and a time to recognise that not everyone has the same perfect start to life, the joy can quickly turn to fear and emotional grief.

Many babies don’t survive the trauma; over 4000 babies die each year in Australia from a defect, and others remain in intensive care for months. It’s a heartbreaking reality we live in, where some die before they even had a chance at life. I like to look to the sky and remember those cherubs who didn’t quite make it, and say a prayer for those families doing it hard, yet thankful to God He kept me alive the way He did.

My CDH wasn’t picked up until 12 hours after my birth after a midwife noticed strange breathing sounds. My parents were told most babies would of died through the night, so it was a miracle I was still alive. I received emergency surgery and am thankful for the strength this experience has given my family.

 Today I just wanted to give a huge shout out to all of you; each and every mum & bub facing an extra challenging birth. I want all of you to know that you can only grow stronger from this.

Everything happens for a reason and you never know what good things can spring from experiences and traumas like this. If it weren’t for my birth defect Kellie my older sister would never have found the passion for babies she did and wouldn’t have lead us to this business. I stand here proud of my defect.

 Stay Strong, Be Faithful, Bring Hope.