our re-branding journey

by Kellie & Abbie Thomas

 WOW we’ve been running our dream for just over 1 year now!

 A lot of you wouldn’t know this but we actually built our very first website in 2011 when I was 9 years old, however the product sourcing and millions of suppliers became far too overwhelming for my mum so it was put on hold. However,  this did not put off my dream to open one up, and so every day from then on reminded my mum of the business and our dream.

In 2017, we were blessed with an amazing business mentor, who successfully runs a multi million dollar ecommerce business. This really enabled us to get the ball rolling and embark on proper market research. We had a focus to find set products and sourced them from gift fairs.

The logo was designed and…


It was designed based off my very first drawing of how I wanted it to look when I was 7. I wanted to “have a baby shop and call it Little Cherubs.” Hence why we started our business under this name.

 Although it seemed like everything had fallen into place, our brand vision and mission has developed and grown so much over the year of being in operation and we really want to build our business into something special where we can make a real difference in the lives of mothers and bubs globally.

 We are officially changing our name to Kellie & Abbie, as we want to be able to have a personal connection with each and every one of you as, two sisters loving all things baby who want nothing but to cherish both mums and bubs.

This better supports our direction to develop handmade and ethically created products (coming soon so keep an eye out), tying it all in under, Kellie & Abbie, so our love and passion can be truly and closely felt by all our customers, supporters, and receivers.


2005 ages 3 & 0

The passion starts after Abbie is born with CDH   

2010 ages 7 & 4

The dream to open our own shop is born

2011 ages 9 & 6

 The first website is built and start looking at products, however becomes to overwhelming for mum and is put on hold

The dream however continues and we keep pushing for our shop

2017 ages 14 & 11

 We start having mentor sessions with our business mentor, and he helps us get moving on how to source the right products. We then begin our market research

2018 ages 16 & 13

The logo is designed, I build our website and we source products.

We create business cards and flyers, officially opening live in November.

2019 ages 17 & 14

We develop and refine our mission, vision and brand goals, and re brand to Kellie & Abbie, ready for our new chapter.

Written by Kellie Thomas xx