about us

         we are two sisters, passionate about creating health & wellbeing products for mum & bub


from the moment Abbie entered this world our bond of sisterhood began. when I (Kellie) was 3 years old, my little sister Abbie was born with an extremely rare condition of 'Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.'  this meant a hole in her diaphragm had pushed all her intestines & stomach into her chest cavity, moving her heart to the wrong side. 

she was born with no symptoms so her condition was not picked up until 12 hours after her birth.  it was through a blessing from God, that a young midwife passing by, asked to have Abbie looked at because she could hear strange breathing sounds.  the paediatrician called for an x-ray and that's when her hernia was discovered.  my parents were told that most babies would have died over night so, we were incredibly lucky Abbie had survived this long.  she was rushed from the Shepparton Base Hospital to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne to receive life saving surgery.

Abbie's recovery meant that I spent a lot of time in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and I just fell in love with babies.  seeing Abbie and helping my parents take care of her was just so special. I remember changing her nappies, washing her face and bringing her teddies; loving every minute of being in the NICU. 

everyday I praise God Abbie survived.  the experience of Abbie's birth left a real imprint in my heart and formed my passion for babies.

this has been something we have never let go of and have since, as we've grown up together, shared in the dream to open a business in support of this passion, developing products that care for the wellbeing of both mum, bub and our earth.

when you buy from Kellie & Abbie, you are buying from us; two sisters supporting mums to feel like the vibrant, wonderful women they are, helping them be the best mum they can, truely cherishing every moment with their bub.

life is precious, and the little moments need to be treasured