our values

simple | ethical | sustainable
being mindful to care for each other + our earth as we pride ourselves in developing simple health + wellbeing made with minimal ingredients


the F.O.R principle 

you may see some of our products are labelled as being F.O.R. this stands for




 because why should anyone else or our planet have to suffer for the benefit of our wellbeing?

they do not. it is as simple as that.

we have taken the time to mindfully take into account what is behind every product we see.

yes a pillow could be "ethically + sustainably hand sewn in australia," but where did the fabric come from? a sweat shop?

how was it made? were the toxins dumped in waterways?

when we say our products are ethical and sustainable we mean it. 

our F.O.R coffee scrub

the coffee bean plants have been certified fair-trade + organically grown, in which we have then recycled the grinds from coffee consumption to re-purpose them into an amazing scrub that rejuvenates your skin!!

this prevents them going into landfill...

.... coffee grinds over a 100 year span of breaking down, will emit methane gas; which is 34 times more destructive than carbon dioxide, and one of the heavily contributing factors to our global warming crisis.

the earth's population drink over 2.25 billion cups of coffee each day which results in about 500,000 tonnes of wet waste coffee grounds!!

SO we work with local cafes who have fair-trade, organically grown coffee beans, to recycle the coffee grinds, re-purpose them into scrub and stop landfill.


we use this fibre in our swaddle and matching beanie + booties

did you know...

tencel is recognised as the most sustainable fibre in the world!! 

made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees (which use far less resources to grow), the pulp is spun in a closed loop system which recycles 99% of the chemicals and NON toxic solvents used in the manufacturing process!!

learn more here

our special swaddle

the tencel + organic cotton jersey roll of fabric we have sourced to sew our swaddles with has been manufactured in india, in a fair-wear factory, meaning every worker is treated ethically!!

their factory also runs solely on renewable wind + solar energy, SO it an incredibly unique fabric that encompasses all our values!

simple health + wellbeing with minimal ingredients

we use no more than 4 organic ingredients in our F.O.R coffee scrub + no more than 3 natural ingredients in our bath salts 

our special range for new bub is made with only the basic + gentle ingredients,  ensuring the soap + truffles are free from citric acid. 

we research, test and trial all products on our own skin, ensuring your body will get the required skintastic benefits, without a confusing ingredient overload!

no nasties or yucky additives will irritate your skin.

reducing waste 

how can you not want to spread the goodness of wellbeing with other women, friends + mumma's, SO in line with our sustainable values, we have created an option for you to have your gift packed in a reusable wooden crate!!!

we also offer a range of care crates, so there is no need for throw away car-board boxes!!


the packaging of our products is minimal + the F.O.R scrub and bath salts are packaged in a red-cycle program pouch.