we know all you want is for your bub to be secure, safe & comfortable

by Kellie & Abbie Thomas

one essential that guarantees the wellbeing of little bub

 swaddling- an ancient technique that tiny humans find comfort in

soothing bub's anxieties as they face the big & stressful adjustment of life outside the womb

bub has left the security of your womb, which can be a stressful transition for them to face.  being wrapped in a swaddle helps create feelings of safety and security as they try & adjust to this new life outside the womb.  swaddling imitates your touch, which helps eliminate anxiety in bub and helping them to learn self-soothing. this comforting technique promotes the wellbeing of your bub, as it keeps them feeling cozy & warm until their internal thermostat begins to work.

preventing the high risks new bubs are prone to such as harming themselves & falling victim to SIDS

swaddling will keep bubs hands of their face which helps stop them from scratching their face.  it also helps prevent sudden infant death syndrome because unnecessary items (that can be easily used as normal household items) such as pillows, blankets & stuffed toys are kept out of their crib, so there is far less risk of suffocation.  in addition, swaddling also keeps bub on their back, so that they don’t roll onto their stomach, risking their head getting caught in loose blankets ect.  

did you know that swaddling will bring both bub & you better sleep

new bub’s are prone to flail their arms and legs, which can trigger their startle reflex, potentially causing them to wake up.  the security of swaddling helps prevent this which means better sleep for both of you.  the safety bub feels in a swaddle can help calm colicky baby’s helping with their overall ability to sleep for longer & of better quality.

we guarantee a swaddle that protects the sensitivities of a newborn, offering the highest level of comfort

our tencel & organic cotton blend swaddle offers;

  • a luxuriously soft touch like no other
  • extremely breathable comfort
  • 100% natural security
  • positive earth footprint; tencel is the most eco friendly fibre in the world; made from eucalyptus wood pulp & spun in a closed loop system so no chemicals are dumped back into the environment.

this exclusive material that we have sewn our swaddles with, has been sourced from a fair-wear factory in india, that operates soley on renewable energy.

if you want to devote yourself to the wellbeing of your precious bub with our special swaddle that care’s for your little one & the earth they will grow up in...

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tencel & organic-cotton jersey swaddle