wiping the slate clean

by Kellie & Abbie Thomas

Welcome to the new year!! It’s officially 2020!

I just want all of you to be proud of all 2019 brought you and everything you achieved. While there’s talk of wiping the slate completely clean, it’s important to remember that the trials and tribulations faced in 2019, are now an important part of your character. They should be utilised rather than wasted by negatively changing your emotional state. We don’t want to dwell on the past feeling bad, but rather remember that everything happens for a reason, and even the toughest situation faced has the power to be transformed into something positive. As you enter the new year, go in the mindset that you are stronger than ever, more resilient than ever and more determined than ever to achieve all you want. Your struggles aren’t to be looked down on, but something to proud of; they have built your confidence and strengthened your character. 

Throughout,  2018 and 2019 personally we as a family went through an extremely stressful ordeal that lasted over 18 months. Our relationships were strained constantly, and Abbie and I suffered through deep mental health issues. Now looking into 2020 things are looking brighter than ever. I look on these trials as something that has only made us stronger and praise God for the courage He provided me because I know that no matter what we may face in 2020 we are ready to stand head on together and achieve all we desire. 

It can be easy to get lost in the stress of all that you need to do, (I especially understand; running a business can seem like there’s a never ending pile!)

Writing up your tasks and goals nice and big on a whiteboard, centrally in your house, is really helpful, as you are constantly embedding them into your mindset. Setting yourself a daily schedule helps you to feel accomplished as you tick of tasks one by one, ensuring nothing gets to overwhelming. You need to have a clear direction for where you are going. Keep taking steps every day towards you dreams. 

YOU ARE STRONG, and the busy (and sometimes stressful) mothering role, is what you are built for. No body can take this away from you. This new year, set your values, beliefs, and goals, that will help you focus on being the best mother you can be. The past has been defeated and even if it feels like you aren’t achieving anything, always remember that just making your little one smile, is by far the greatest achievement.